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双十一是什么,是中国的传统节日吗?Do you know ? 双十一购物狂欢节,是指每年11月11日的网络促销日,源于淘宝商城(天猫)2009年11月11日举办的网络促销活动,当时参与的商家数量和促销力度有限,但营业额远超预想的效果,于是11月11日成为天猫举办大规模促销活动的固定日期。 Double tenth a shopping carnival, it is to point to every year on November 11, network promotion, from taobao mall (Tmall) held on November 11, 2009 network promotion, participate in the number of merchants and promotions co., LTD., was far in excess of the expected effect, but the turnover so on November 11, became Tmall fixed date in large-scale promotional activities. 双十一是中国的传统节日吗?可以把你的答案写在评论区,^_^ Is Double Eleven a traditional Festival in China? Write your answer in the comment section, ^_^
Nov 6, 2021 3:54 AM
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Well, is it ‘becoming’ more and more traditional in China?
November 12, 2021