I've been listening to a song in repeat these days. The title is "Howlin' 404" or "Sometimes I hear howlin in my head" by Dean. He's a Korean singer but the song is in english. There are 2 versions of it, accoustic and official version. I like the accoustic one better. Here's some of the lyrics : Rain is falling on bad timing Know it's nothing just knocking I can't help it cause it's over I can't help but say it's over So screwed up It's true I'm stuck in the loop, might sound strange Though it's true to be stuck in the system Time rewinds, you looked at me baby It's true I'm stuck in the loop, losing control, I can't get over In the void I can't be sober Click the link below, to hear the accoustic version! https://youtu.be/zgxSYEFcePY ________________________ #3 Feedback and correction are always welcome!
Feb 14, 2021 6:47 AM