The last movie I watched the Matrix.I know Matrix is known film,and I have already watched two times.But with the D-live streamer,Baris Ozcan I watched again.Actually,I must say that there are a lot of details I have missed out.The some quotes and thoughts in the movie are related with other movies.E.g:Alice in Wonderland.The choices we make are the main lines of these movies. There is some interesting facts about the shooting.Before the shooting the screenwriters( Wachowskies) gave the 2 books to the cast to read and understand the idea of simulation exactly.But They gave three books to Keanu.The Books are:Simulacra and Simulation,Out of Control,Introducing Evolutionary Psychology. I think Matrix is very interesting and creepy movie.Sometimes I think that if our lives are consist of simulation what would happen.But it doesn't change our lives in a practically way.We keep doing the same things. Anyway,Matrix is amazing and a horizon expander movie.I wish everyone to watch this movie.
Feb 18, 2021 2:49 PM
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