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Write about the last movie you watched
Write a review of the last movie you watched. Describe the general plot, the main characters and whether or not you would recommend it to other viewers all in your target language..
I do not like to watch dramas but the pandemic made me) I wanted to watch something extraordinary, that’s why I chose a Korean drama - The scarlet heart Ryeo. To tell the truth it was my first experience, but it was successful. The plot of this drama was intriguing and exciting. As a rule in a romantic drama everything is clear - the main characters meet, when fall in love with each other, when they have problems because of they feelings, but they overcome all difficulties... and the happy end. But in this drama you really do not know if the happy end comes. In some way this drama can be compared with such a film as “Ann and the king”, but the last is not so sad and cruel as the first. Maybe at that time cruelty was normal to be a king. I do not want to retell you the whole story of this drama. If you like a historical film it is really for you. And I recommend you to have a handkerchief.. be ready for teardrops. Just some words about the begging: a young girl parted with her boyfriend. She was upset and went to the park in order to come down. In the park she saw an incident- a small boy fall out the boat and began to sink. The young girl decided to save the boy, but she could not help him (another man save him) and even began to sink and appeared in another country in the past ..
December 20, 2020
Yesterday I've watched "Las tres muertes de Marisela Escobedo" on Netflix. It's an amazing movie, trust me it's really good. This movie is about a story of love. Yes, a story of love about one more mother that looks for justice of her murdered daughter. This event takes place in Chihuahua, place from Mexico where born woman is almost a death warrant. The violence against women in Mexico is a big problem. And well, our "system of justice" is the worst thing in the world. "Las tres muertes de Marisela Escobedo" is a clear example that our CORRUPT government, it's a clear example that be woman in Mexico is walk on the street in fear, always worry about if you will be the next woman on the list of "missing women". It's very sad to see how everyday women are murdered and it's more sad to see how the justice doesn't works for all these murdered women. We need to change our thoughts as society. We need to be more humans and less monsters. Be kind with everyone. 🤍
December 27, 2020
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