ENGLISH WRITING. *04* A WEEKEND ROUTINE Hi italki friends! Today, I’d like to write about my routine these weekends. With a difficult coronavirus situation in Spain, my weekends are really similar between them. It’s supposed I can’t leave my city, so I try to do something different than what I do along my week. For example, recently, I’m making my own bread, so I have my weekend breakfast with homemade bread. Obviously, it’s something not really important or interesting, but it helps me to feel that I do some different activities. Additionally, I usually go to friends’ house, and there we spent all Saturday eating and drinking, simply having fun, which it’s really important for me, since although I live with my wife, we both have our families far from here. I believe that having an active social life is really important for people, and when limitations impact on that, there is a general feeling of sadness on our society.
Feb 15, 2021 8:42 AM