Judy Cheng
I’d heard about an ethos about “Less stuff, more happiness.” Once we desire less, we have more details to explore in our daily life. Fortunately, I’m personally not a impulse purchaser. When I go to a shopping mall, I do enjoy window shopping but I’m believing consuming more is not working so there’s no unexpected purchase coming to me. I ask myself “Why do you need it?” and “What else choices I have?” I try to get rid of all the unused things ruthlessly and purchase the stuff I must have. With this consequence, I can avoid impulse purchase and refuse attractive stuffs.
Oct 1, 2021 1:15 PM
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I'd heard approximately the ethos of “Less stuff, greater happiness.” Once we choice less, we've greater information to discover in our every day life. Fortunately, I'm in my opinion now no longer an impulse purchaser. When I visit a purchasing mall, I do revel in window purchasing however I'm believing eating greater isn't running so there may be no sudden buy coming to me. I ask myself "why do you want it? " and" what different alternatives do I have?” I attempt to do away with all of the unused matters ruthlessly and buy the stuff I have to have. With this consequence, I can keep away from impulse purchases and refuse appealing forms of stuff.
October 1, 2021
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