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I have just finished my first Japanese lesson as a teacher! I really found it super interesting and fun and exiting! I love it! *Is this correct situation to use present perfect tense? It's hard to tell for me, a non-native speaker.
Nov 13, 2021 3:42 AM
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Hi, congrats on completing your first lesson! I hope it went well. Regarding your question, yes, you have used the present perfect tense correctly because you referred to a past event that may still take place regularly in the present. However, you may also use the simple past tense too if you want. For your second sentence, I would recommend that you use a comma instead of “and” since you listed more than 2 items out. E.g. “I really found it super interesting, fun and exciting.” Hope this helps! ☺️
November 13, 2021
H, みほ
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