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Hello to all lovers of Russian! There are many words that we use every day in our life that are not mentioned in textbooks. Давай means "let´s", but we often use it as a bye, especially men! Отпад means strong emotional shock, delight, amazement! For example, you discuss somebody's new skirt and think that it was amazing, very fashionable. And you can say: "Ее юбка - отпад!" Лажа means crap! We use it a lot to describe somebody's work results or unfortunate situation in our life! Мутить is a word to describe some strange relationship between girls and boys! You know this stuff like friend-zoning or love-hate stuff! In this situation where there is obvious attraction but falls short of a real relationship. Фигня means bullshit! You can use it to downplay the meaning of something: this is not a wound, but фигня; it's not a problem, it's фигня. Learn to use these words and really surprise all Russians!!!
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Nov 16, 2021 8:49 AM