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Share your favorite slang phrases! Native speakers and italki Teachers can show off their slang expertise in their native language.
2️⃣ In brief, the reason why pronouncing the Korean language natively is that you never learned with strategies. Pronouncing with a native accent and correcting wrong pronunciation (no mistake, no bad habits) is easy only if you learn how to imagine Korean letters and read with vocal frying sound with specific rhythm strategies (2:3), using expressions that Koreans use the most until you get used to native pronunciation. And because there are countless useless grammar rules in textbooks, apps, and teacher materials Koreans don’t use that can trap you at a specific level, you must fix my analyzed grammar, which Koreans and Korean organizations use the most in order of importance, for your independence in the future regardless of any level, age, problem, request, or goals.
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Feb 22, 2024 3:02 PM
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