My みんなの日本語 homework Trying to get used to Japanese writing system and kanji, so I write as many of them as I can😊 What do you think?
Nov 19, 2021 1:23 PM
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はじめにノートの写真を見たとき、きれいだなと思いました。 私は今ロシア語を勉強しているのでも書きます。 Когда я посмотрел ваше фото тетради, я чувствовал, как это хорошие буквы.
November 21, 2021
Написано красиво!))
November 20, 2021
How did you learn Japanese hand writing? Your skill is almost same as the average level of Japanese people! It would be absolutely perfect If you wrote Kanji on some part which you had written Hiragana so far:)
November 20, 2021
Excellent!! I was so impressed! とても上手(じょうず)ですね! I noticed small tiny things. 新読→新聞(しんぶん) こべ→こうべ(神戸) パンとたまごを食ます→食べます ラジオを聞ます→聞きます One little thing I would like to advise you is about「た」. If you write the right part of 「た」a bit smaller and centered, it would be nicer!
November 19, 2021