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International Tea Day is observed every year on May 21st and it aims to raise awareness of the long history and deep cultural and economic significance of Tea around the world. The idea is to promote and to somehow Implement activities in favour of promoting everything related to tea. International Tea Day has been celebrated for quite some time. It started off on December 15th in countries like India, Sri Lanka, Nepal, Vietnam, Indonesia and others across Africa such as Malaysia and Tanzania. The idea is to draw global attention to tea and to the global tea trade. It has also been linked to wanting more support to keep the cost of tea down. In 2015, the Indian Government proposed expanding the observance of International Tea today by having some kind of intergovernmental group to discuss tea. They created something which led to big efforts to support the world's tea economy and in 2015, they had a big meeting in Milan to discuss the idea of an international Tea Day. It then went to the United Nations. And that's how We managed to get International Tea Day on the 21st of May. Here's some very interesting facts about tea here in the UK: The average British person drinks 876 cups of tea every single year. So, that's well over two cups a day if my calculations are right. And, apparently, for centuries, it was used only as a medicine. Tea was first introduced to Britain almost 400 years ago and was described, described as a Chinese drink because it first came from China. A cup of tea has become native to British culture. It's the number one choice for British people and herbal teas are also very popular these days.
International Tea Day (with transcript)
May 24, 2024 6:06 AM