Hello! I'm learning Chinese and I have been given a homework about '我的爱好', can somebody please tell me if the following sentence I formulated is grammatically correct in chinese, or if it is kind of odd? 我是小孩子的时候,我一向画画儿,也我非常喜欢听英语音乐,尤其是在音乐中我最喜欢的方面是 英语的 声音。这个就是 所以然现在 我的 英语 是 不错 的。 thank you in advance!
Nov 9, 2021 3:07 PM
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(当)我(还是)小孩子的时候,我(非常喜欢)画画儿,也非常喜欢听英语(歌),尤其是在(英文歌)我(很)喜欢英语的(发)音。这个就是 (我现在)英语 不错 的(原因)。
November 9, 2021
There are some mistakes. Would you like a correction? If so, it's better to post it as an Exercise. Note that there are no spaces even after punctuation in Chinese, the spaces are built in :)
November 13, 2021
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