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Learning Korean

Hi everyone..

I'm from Indonesia and I want to learn hangul so much.

maybe someone could help me learn hangul,

thank you

Dec 15, 2015 1:59 PM
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Here's my thoughts on learning vocabulary:
I love the Korean Grammar in Use series of textbooks. You can purchase them from
I also adore these books from the Korean Ministry of Education designed for Koreans living outside of Korea. You can view them online for free here:
Other than that, I like and is a great dictionary, and itself is an awesome resource. I do occasionally use too for a dictionary. Then, more generally, there's, (hehe),, and (and other blog sites). There's Monash University's site too. Also
Here's some free, older, online books too:
Quality over quantity^^
Also, fluent in three months talks about language learning.

You need lots of practice and exposure!!

Start by learning the writing system and pronunciation and sounds.
Then learn some simple expressions while you begin to simply learn everything^^ Simple grammar and vocabulary. Practice reading, writing, speaking, listening, typing, and conversing, and learn about the culture. I personally believe it's important to understand the basics of the grammar of your own language too.


Feel free to ask me questions or for corrections :) 

I will do my best to help.

December 15, 2015

Hey guys, i’ve been using an app to learn Korean and it also looks so cute! It's really useful and helps you to learn Korean. Check it out at

December 20, 2015