Turkish language club

Hello Turkish learners,


You might have come across "Language Conquerors Language Club" on italki discussions. If not, I add the link below:



This is a group for practising languages. There is one main group, which mostly English is spoken. There are also small groups for specific languages. It is a fun way to pracitise your skills and to motivate yourself.

I am a native Turkish speaker. I have joined the group newly and enjoyed it a lot. There has not been a spesific group for Turkish before, so we would like to start one. Would you like to join in a Turkish language club? You can send a private message to me or leave a comment here.


Just a little reminder: If you want to join the main group, the English one, you should click the link I copied above and follow the instructions there. I know that sounds so serious. :P The good news is you don't need to do all that stuff if you just want to join the Turkish club.

Just leave me a message, that's it. :)

Hope to talk to you soon! / Görüşürüz!

Jan 3, 2016 10:35 PM