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Whatsapp language club looking for Korean-Japanese learners/native speakers

Hello, italkers from all over the world!


As the title says, ILE our language club on WhatsApp/skype is hunting for Korean and Japanese learners/native speakers.


So far we have a lot of members from different countries and backgrounds. We have chat rooms for 13+ languages and one room for general discussion. We have worked hard to find the right people to join our groups. We just created our Korean group and we're also working hard to make the Japanese one active. That's why I'd like to invite Japanese and Korean learners/native speakers to join our groups.


Our groups are active most of the days. Our members went through an admission process before joining our club so we could be sure they'll fit in our community. When it comes to small groups such Japanese, Korean, Portuguese and other groups we're still working on making them active, then we usually admit people without any voting process.


As for people who want to join other groups like French, Spanish, English, etc, I'd suggest you to fill in the following questionnaire and send your answers to me, we have just shortened it to make the admission easier. A founder group will vote on your answers to the questionnaire and decide if you're suitable to join ILE, and I'll let you know about the result.



 1. Are you willing to find the time to actively contribute in the conversations + help people learning your mother tongue?
 2. What is your mother tongue and which languages are your learning?
 3. Are you open to getting to know other cultures & talk to people of different races, with different opinions?
 4. Please introduce yourself in a few sentences. Why you would like to join the group?

 5. Our members are really active, which means several thousand messages on an average day. Are you sure you are comfortable with this?


*Please be aware that we will kick out inactive people in a regular basis, unless they have explained their temporary absence, otherwise they'll be removed from the groups.*


If you want to read more about our club:


<em>Have a nice day!</em>


Jan 11, 2016 5:23 PM
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ILE is a wonderful community where members can learn several languages and have become close friends in the meantime. If you are learning/are a native speaker of Japanese and/or Korean and you take language learning seriously, you are welcome in our group.

January 18, 2016


January 11, 2016