Anthony I
Professional Teacher
5 Steps to Learning Another Language

First, reflect on your original reasons for learning the language.

Second, have reasonable expectations.

Third, look for milestones to gauge your progress. 

Fourth, view the process as a long-term investment. 

Fifth, use the new language as much as possible. 

How Others Can Help

A student is only as good as their teacher. Learn from a qualified native teacher. ;

Don’t give up, don’t quit. Definitely continue; continuously keep on learning and growing. You will benefit yourself and increase your confidence. You increase your value in what you offer to others. The English language is a key to endless opportunities. Energize your learning! 

Feb 6, 2016 2:03 PM
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Above a great tips for learning the language. In my opinion more and less similar:

- Motivation

- Hard-working

- Perseverance

- Person experienced in teaching language

- Good attidute

February 16, 2016

It can be helpful thanks ;)

February 6, 2016