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How to learn as much as you can when you watch a video

As an English learner, I want to learn as quickly as possible. But the fact always hits me back. Knowing much in English always means so much you still not know. My great challenge is expressing things in details. For example, if I can tell other people how to poach eggs in very details steps without any nonverbal expressions, then I think I reach my goal. It is not easy for me to describe the process of poaching eggs. First, I am not familiar with the utensils used in this process. The second is that I don't know the related expressions used for describing the activities. After I've watched a tutorial about poaching eggs, I find that in this video, there are less new vocabulary words, instead there are many new expressions. Then how should we learn as much as we can from this video? Here is my experience. 

I watched this video many times. And I sorted the vocabulary words and expressions like this.

1. Equipments used in this video. Such as whisk, saute pan, slotted spoon, plate, paper towel, etc.

2. Materials used in this video. Such as salt, vinegar, butter, asparagus, etc.

3. Related expressions. For example, crack eggs, pour into, make a swirling vortex, dab eggs, strain eggs. heat eggs, darn eggs.

4. Other very relevant phrases or words. Such as egg white, yolk, over easy, hard-boiled, old eggs, fresh eggs. etc.

Then after I reviewed the above notes,  I found that I could express the process of poaching eggs in details. 

Apr 5, 2019 8:59 AM