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The new italki site - how satisfied are you?
Many people were worrying that the discussion, answer and notebook section would be abolished, but it turned out to be different than most people had assumed. How do you like the new italki site? What do you like, where do you still see room for improvement?
Apr 25, 2019 3:41 AM
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I don't like that I can't see who is online in my list of language partners (or on the profile page of any user). I think that is very useful if you want to start a conversation (and expect a response)
April 25, 2019
Hi, comunity Italki. I'm new here and my English is basic. I'm researching if New ItalkI has a level categories. It would be very util to learn fravely with students from the same level. I'd like to know your opinion.
April 25, 2019
I like that you do not have to scroll down to see the latest comments, as they now appear at the top.
April 25, 2019

Edit: it turns out my comment is not relevant because I checked and it did that sort of before, just not on every page. It seems I have a lot to learn about italki.

April 25, 2019
Thanks for this post, I am new to the site and I use it from my phone. I joined a few days ago and I spent two days on the old platform and only a few hours on the new one. So in a few hours I have already managed to reply to this note and so far it seems easier. Although I can't find the language share page - yet!

April 25, 2019
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