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<a href='/article/145/hacking-japanese-onomatopoeias' target='_blank'>Hacking Japanese Onomatopoeias</a>

Many onomatopoeias are rooted in concepts and logic unique to the Japanese people themselves, and therefore pose a special challenge for foreign students of the language. With that said, let’s examine some common Japanese onomatopoeia...

May 28, 2014 12:00 AM
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just for the record the word Onomatopoeia comes from the greek word ὀνοματοποιία (since i am Greek i had to add this)
February 3, 2016
January 31, 2016

I especially love the ones for things that have no sound.  I learned that when you feel sticky from humidity you say "peta peta".  I think that one is especially unique to Japan.

June 9, 2014



June 2, 2014




May 29, 2014
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