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The conventions and forms of letter-writing differ in every language, so they are a reflection of the way different cultures organize their messages. I have divided information about writing into three parts: the opening, body and the ending of the letter. Each one of these sections is divided into informal and informal forms.

Jun 17, 2014 12:00 AM
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thanks a lot :)

July 5, 2014

I very much appreciate your help and instruction Marco. I like the kisses and hugs. Maybe it makes me feel more loved than I really should, but that's ok. :) 

June 30, 2014

That was helpful. Thanks. 


You might want to look over your chart of openings again though because I think a couple of the lines got misplaced so you have Querido Pedro next to Estimada and Querida Jessica next to Estimado. 


I have a question: How usual is it to have an italki friend quickly sign off with "besos" or "abrazos". In English that usually would be a sign of real friendship and intimacy. Are those expressions used more readily in Spanish than in English or am I just lucky to have gotten some real love pretty fast here?


Again, thank you. 

June 29, 2014

Buen trabajo y muy útil Marco! Ahora estoy estudiando en Argentina y acá he visto que la gente también usa "besos" o "un gran beso" para terminar una carta a la familia o a un amigo (más entre las chicas jaja).

June 29, 2014

Really useful. Sometimes I need to write e-mails in Spanish at work and I am never sure about what to write in openings and endings. Thanks


June 27, 2014
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