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It’s no secret that when you’re bored of textbooks and grammar exercises, it’s high time to switch on the TV to watch some Russian films. If you feel confident enough to get familiar with original Russian films, then you may choose something from this list ...

Jul 8, 2014 12:00 AM
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Мне очень нравится "Питер FM"  :))

July 11, 2014

Thank you for the great article! I am a beginner in Russian but so far my favorite cartoon is маша и медвед.   

July 14, 2014

Мой любимый фильм "Бриллиантова рука" с Юриом Николином и Андреом Мироновом. Вы можете смотреть этот филмь в интернете. Бас

July 24, 2014

I can add "День Радио" and "День Выборов". They are really great!

July 9, 2014

As a movie fan I would like to add my top list of Russian movies that I strongly advise to watch.

Cant see the point translating the titles for those who can read in Russain. Really cant say where to find the ones with subtitles.


Detailed description is also easy to find all over the internet if you are interested.


For girls to cry but almost wept myself watching those 3 below.

Жестокий роман 

Три тополя на Плющихе

Сибирский цирюльник


War movies.

Они сражались за Родину

Белое солнце пустыни

Кукушка (more like a comedy about translation and undrestanding, no battle scenes at all)


Comedies to laugh.

Бриллиантовая рука
Джентльмены удачи
Операция «Ы» и другие приключения Шурика
Здравствуйте, я ваша тетя!
Формула любви


If you liked my list and want more then mentioned above then you are just wellcome.

May 1, 2015
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