Professional Teacher
🇨🇵 Bonjour French learners !  I’m Victoria Vernhes, your certified French teacher. Let's learn a new useful expression for your conversations in French.  ✅ Today's expression is: avoir l’air  🇨🇵 avoir l’air = look like, seem    Examples:  📌 T’as déjà fait du paddle ? Ça a l’air cool !  - Have you ever done paddleboarding? It looks cool! 📌 Ils ont l’air très intéressés par le sujet. - They seem very interested in the topic. 📌 Fred m’a parlé de ta copine hier, elle a l’air trop sympa ! - Fred told me about your girlfriend yesterday, she seems really nice! 🗣 Your turn! How will you say in French: You look great ! (Use this expression: être en forme - feel fine, be in a good shape)  😀 Hope it was useful for you!  🤩 Don't hesitate to answer in French in the comments, I'm here for you.  🤗 Suggest another expression you want me to teach you.
Apr 18, 2024 8:06 AM