Community Tutor
I want to share a very good resource for Chinese learners (best fit for B1-C2) who want to improve their Chinese listening skills. 🤩🤩 NO ADs. I just found this account this morning and I highly recommend it, especially for those who are already able to understand and make “standard conversation”, and want to further their authenticity of Chinese speaking and listening skills. (See pic below👇🏻 ) Here are several reasons: ▶️1’ Its an ins account, short, fast, easy to access, daily use, so when you’re relaxing on social media, you can still learn Chinese every day. The best thing is it has full English subtitles!!! So you can practice your listening, and check your understanding easily!! ▶️2’ Xiaoguo Comedy is a very famous comedy show in China. Most of the contents are up-to-date, closely related to current Chinese trends, so its a good way to get to know about Chinese cultures, the societal issues, if you’re interested. ▶️3’ The speakers are from every corner of China, so they speak the most authentic Chinese!! You’ll get across different accents, different speaking habits, expressions, which help you to learn and practice your skills in the most authentic Chinese language environment. Especially for intermediate- advanced students, try to immerse yourself into authentic language environment if you really want to further your language skills!! I suggest everyone should try to expose yourself to more authentic and “real-life” languages after building up your basis.
Sep 28, 2023 6:36 AM