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Small talk. "Safe" topics 🤨 There are certain "safe" topics that people usually make small talk about. The weather⛅ is probably the number one thing that people who do not know each other well discuss. Sometimes even friends and family members discuss the weather when they meet or start a conversation. Another topic that is generally safe is current events 🎭. As long as you are not discussing a controversial issue, such as a recent law concerning equal rights 👩‍⚖️, it is usually safe to discuss the news. Sports news 🏟️ is a very common topic, especially if a local team or player is in a tournament or play-off or doing extremely well or badly. Entertainment news, such as a celebrity who is in town 🃏, is another good topic. If there is something that you and the other speaker has in common, that may also be acceptable to talk about 😃. There are also some subjects that are not 🙅 considered acceptable when making small talk. Discussing personal information such as salaries or a recent divorce is not done between people who do not know each other well. Compliments on clothing or hair are acceptable 💇; however, you should never say something (good or bad) about a person's body 🏋️. Negative comments 💬 about another person not involved in the conversation are also not acceptable: when you do not know a person well you cannot be sure who their friends are. You do not talk about private issues either, because you do not know if you can trust the other person with your secrets or personal information 🧐. Also, it is not safe to discuss subjects that society deems controversial such as religion or politics 👽. Lastly, it is not wise to continue talking about an issue that the other person does not seem comfortable with or interested in😐. Subscribe to pass the quiz on small talk! Book a lesson to practice a small talk with me 😊
Nov 17, 2021 10:14 AM