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Tongue twister is a very effective way for language learners to practice pronunciation and improve their oral skills. Share the most fun but useful tongue twister here!
Tongue twisters, or "pembelit lidah" in Indonesian, are an integral aspect of Indonesian culture, just like any other cultural element. It is always enjoyable to attempt to conquer the intricate rhymes and complex limericks that leave your tongue tied, regardless of the language you are attempting them in. Here some my favourite Indonesian tongue twisters: 1. Ular Melingkar Di Atas Pagar (Translation: A snake coils atop the fence) 2. Satu Ribu, Dua Biru, Tiga Ribu, Empat Biru… and so on (Translation: One thousand, two blue, three thousand, four blue…) 3. Kelapa di Parut, Kepala di Garuk (Repeat) (Translation: Grate the coconut, scratch your head) 4. Kuku kaki kakak-kakak ku kayak kuku kaki kakek-kakek ku (Translation: My older siblings’ toe nails are like my grandfathers’ toe nails) 5. Kutuku butuh tubuhku, tapi tubuhku tak butuh kutuku (Translation: My fleas need my body, but my body doesn’t need my fleas) Try it and see if you can say it as fast as possible. Share your experience in the comment below.
Apr 30, 2023 8:11 AM
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