Nowadays, there is a fast growing trend towards switching to online education. However, like every new tendency it has its pros and cons. To begin with, there are many services which ensure the availability of diverse courses. It provides individuals to enrol any training with the ability to obtain some professional skills remotely. What is more, it gives an opportunity to graduate from university for disabled group of people, who are not capable to personally attend an Educational institution. In addition, the technological development of e-courses expands the horizons of humans due to the fact that there is no limits in information. In contrast, there are also several disadvantages of having online classes. Many people, especially children, are not able to concentrate in front of a computer monitor. This is because they suffer from a high level of distractions. After all, they do not learn anything during an online lesson. Another example is there are some professions that cannot be done by online education such as doctors and engineers. These kinds of area require a real practice with a teachers who can help to polish the necessary skills. In conclusion, the online education gives several benefits for society owing to its flexibility and availability. However, these types of lesson do not fit to everybody.
Sep 21, 2021 5:22 PM