👉 It's part of the previous post. Over and above, Users data breach protection is another issue of concern and there has not been made any clear policy by social media companies. As of now, there are over $6billion active social media users across the world. Their personal information is at high risk as when someone gets connected to the internet all of his personal information that is saved in the phones can be extracted without letting him know. Additionally, when a user signs up for any social media account, he is asked to be allowed to enter his phone storage for getting information, in this way all the personal information is stolen in a moment. Nowadays, many global businesses are selling their products to online users by simply analysing user behaviour from the data they extracted or bought from social media companies. Similarly, the US state department has claimed the manipulation of the US elections by the Russian attackers in 2016. Therefore, social media platforms are lack this feature and they should do more efforts on the issue. On whole, the world has been digitalized and without rendering deliberate and consistent efforts, social media would stem negative impacts in the real world. Therefore social tech companies and governments must think of these issues and improve the overall structure of the digital world. As the connected world is beautiful and peaceful but if these connections breed hatred, biases, and inequality, it has to be ended.
Feb 11, 2022 2:09 PM