Alejandro Garcia Ser
Feb 23, 2021 12:30 AM
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Good job, Alejandro. You sound pretty comfortable speaking English and I was able to understand everything quite easily. A couple of vocabulary corrections: "cooks" or "chefs" ("cookers" is not a word). We can call someone a "chef" if they have a very high level of training -- either they earned a culinary degree or they completed an apprenticeship with a chef. Otherwise, "cook" will be an appropriate job title. "I'm not very sure" (instead of "I'm not pretty sure"). The adjective "pretty" only works when making a positive statement; whenever we add the word "not" we need to use a different adjective such as "very" or "so". Examples: I am pretty happy. I am not very happy. He was pretty certain that the plane would arrive on schedule. / He was not so certain that the plane would arrive on schedule.
I hope you enjoyed your first Korean meal. Did your friends or the waiter help you choose a dish that wasn't spicy? I would have recommended Bulgogi Beef since it has a sweet flavor. Bibimbap is another nice dish that isn't spicy.
February 28, 2021
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