In my opinion, the most important holiday in each country is the holiday that marks the beginning of new year. In a lot of country people celebrate new year in Christmas, but when do Iranian people celebrate new year in Iran? Norouz is that holiday that people celebrate in Iran, and it takes place in the first day of spring. Norouz is an ancient holiday that is celebrated for a long time. We believe that in Norouz, everything is going to be new, and earth is breathing and becoming alive again. It lasts for thirteen days, and as a student I should say that we also take a breath in these thirteen days. What do usually do? Before new year people clean their homes, dust the furniture, wash their carpets, and get new stuff specially new clothes. We called this “Khane Tekani”, and if I translate it, it means “house shaking”.In Norouz Eve, we usually eat “Sabzi polo ba mahi”, and it’s so delicious. In Norouz we go to our grandparents’ home, and get together. The older people give youngers gifts like money. People wish each other a healthy and happy new year. Some people go to graveyards, and remember the dead. The most important symbol of Norouz is “Haft Sin” that has a long story, but let me skip it. Norouz lets us smell the blossoms of trees. You can also smell a lot of delicious cakes and cookies. My mother bakes doughnuts for the holiday. Iranians buy nuts, fruits and sweets for the guests who comes to their homes. This holiday is finished by having picnic in thirteenth day. We call this day “Nature Day”, and we go to parks and spend our time there. I don’t talk about fireworks. Actually, before Norouz people set fireworks at the night of last Wednesday of year. It’s a famous holiday in Iran and its name is “Chahar Shanbe Souri”. Some people jump over the fire, and say some words. Some people get together, and spent time together. We get ready for new year when we pass this beautiful night. Norouz takes place in twenty days later. Happy new year in advanc
Feb 28, 2021 7:21 PM