which of these questions is better? "Do you have pencils?" or "Have you got pencils?" I mean, I think both questions are grammatically correct but I want to know if there is a difference in meaning!
Aug 22, 2014 2:48 AM
Answers · 4
They're both grammatically correct and have the same meaning. But the first one sounds better and is more polite. The word "got" is somewhat harsh sounding. Not in feeling, but in the actual sound when you say it. You can usually replace it with another verb that sounds nicer. I got the new Harry Potter book. I bought the new Harry Potter book. I got a cold last week. I caught a cold last week. Have you got any pencils? Do you got any pencils? Do you have any pencils?
August 22, 2014
You should not use "got" when you're talking about "having" something! :0 For example "I don't *got it." should be "I don't have it" or in this case, "Do you have *any pencils?
August 28, 2014
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