Hi, I speaks Chinese mandarin, cantonese and chaozhou dialect. have learnt some french before, and want to improve it! also have interests to learn German.... can;t be too greedy at a time.... so far... this shall make me busy enough....
Oct 25, 2008 11:09 AM
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德語:佢係【印歐語系】《日耳曼語族》“西日耳曼語支”下嘅一種語言。 法語:佢係【印歐語系】《羅曼語族》中嘅一種語言。 其實,呢兩種冇乜共同點,既然而家你都學緊法語,不如搵個仲啱你嘅羅曼語言,鍾唔鍾意學啲義大利語、同埋西班牙語呀?除咗法語、德語、你仲唸住學邊種外語阿?唔該晒。
October 25, 2008
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