I want a native English teacher who can check my essays. I want a native English teacher who can check my essays. I need to pass the TOEFL test, and one of my problems is no one check my essays. Last time, I got 86 in my TOEFL test with a score of 22 in writing. So I need somebody to help me. Of course I need a writing teacher, but currently I have no time to take some online lessons. Therefore, firstly I want a teacher who can check my essays by email. The topics of my essays are all from the true TOEFL test, and the number of words in each essay is roughly about 600. I email you my essay with a *.doc file one or two times each week on everage, and you revise on the file directly and email me back. Each check is paid. A first package could be 10 or 20 essays, or depends on you, and I can pay in advance. So who can help me? Please contact me with your price of each check.A sample of my TOEFL essay: 150116 NA:Do you agree or disagree with the parents should let children make mistake and let them learn from their own mistake Disagree: One of the most enduring controversies in our society is the one regarding that whether parents should allow their kids to make mistake and let them learn from the mistake. Admittedly, sometimes, learning from mistakes is one way which is suitable and necessary for children to grow up, as it impresses children much more than just telling what they should do directlly. However, in my perspective, relying on this way frequently shows some limits and sometimes even is not a wise choice. First of all, not all of the mistakes can be recognized by children easily, which means some mistakes are too tiny or beyond their cognition that children are not aware of them spontaniously. However, although some of these mistakes probably are of no significance, but once children take them as a habbit, it will result in a worse life and correcting them will seem to be imposible. For example, toddlers do not realise that washing hands before lunch is important for their health as they have no idea of microbes. If their parents did not tell them to wash their hands and explain the concept of microbes, children would not recognize the mistake themslves. Once they form the habbit that eating with dirty hands, it will lead to a worse consequence: sickness. Therefore, correcting that bad behavior is the duty of the parents. These kind of mistakes apparently can not be learnt by children themselves. Secondly, some of the mistakes are irretrievable. In other words, these kinds of mistakes once happened, it would cost too much even the kid's life. I still remember one of the most impressive and unforgetable scenes of my parents during my childhood is that they kept on stressing that do not ever and never touch or prob the electric panel, because there is a kind of invisible thing called electricity inside it which would kill you instantly. Imagine at that time, either did I have the concept of the electricity nor had I seen somebody was killed by it. So if not my parents' warning, catastrophe would fall onto my family. Thus for those kinds of mistakes which everyone only have one chance, it is improperate for the children to learn them by themselves. Last but not least, even if something is obviusly wrong, and children are aware of it, without the engagement of their parents, they just keep on doing it. These situations may could be illustrated and explained by psychologists, as it occurs regularly. Take one of my classmates in my junior school, Lilei, for instance. He always broke the decipline that one should answer the question given by the teachers only after they got the permission from their teachers.The rule had already been told to the newcomers before they entering the school. Whereas, Lilei ignored the rule and continuned speaking out the answers without rising his hand. Finaly, his teacher had to ask help of his parents, and his parents got some advises from the children-behavior professors, leading Lilei go back to a right way in the class. In these cases, parents should interfere the mistakes made by children. From the discussion above, it is safe to conclude that let children find out their mistakes and correct them by their own is just one of the methods to teach them. Conbined with other methods, it could be more effective.
Feb 15, 2017 3:27 PM
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You can post the essays in small parts in the 'Notebook' section of the Web site. It has tools which help us mark each correction so you can tell what was corrected. https://www.italki.com/notebooks
February 15, 2017
I can see that you have a lot of things you want to say, but they appear scattered all over the essay. The reader has to work very hard just to see how the entire essay works, and cannot grasp the essence. This is a common problem especially when you are trying to finish on time. There is also no counter argument to provide the reader with an alternative view (and to adequately express your skill in essay writing). If you like, just send me a private message. I'll also amend this essay for free if you like, just for you to try it out.
February 15, 2017
good luck to you
February 15, 2017
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