Do you think there is ghost ? When i watched a movie about ghost i felt scared and frightened.sometimes i just think whether there is a ghost in our living life.Who can tell me?Share your opinion.-----Waiting.
Jun 23, 2010 7:13 AM
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I feel excited more than scared when I watch the movies about ghost, of course I don't believe that they are real !
June 23, 2010
no i donot believe in them , when the person died , his soul went to her god .
June 23, 2010
Being a Bon-Buddhist I do really believe in ghost. But I don’t believe that the ghost is scary thing that we see in Ghost film and story books. What I take conviction is ghost is just a soul of death people. When someone dies then most of people take rebirth in other realms. If he she had done virtuous and good actions in his/her lifespan, he will take rebirth in higher realms- God, Demi-God and rich and happy family of human being. On other hand if he had done bad or non-virtuous actions then he will take rebirth in lower realms- hell, hungry ghost and animal which are full of suffering. When somebody could not take both of those realms, then his/her soul would wander around his house and for his left behind wealth. When his friends and family don’t speak and care him then gradually he starts to hurt them and others. And in the end his family need do welcome some powerful priest and need to show the dead person a path to other realms. So it is totally depend on our own deeds and actions in our present lifespan. There are some saying in our culture, ‘Live and let live’, ‘Don’t harm if you don’t help’, ‘Other is more important then self’.
May 6, 2012
Most often you hear ghosts from movies and folklore...and I also hear that ghosts maybe involved while you're in the state of sleep paralysis. It did happen to me at least 4 times. After my grandmother passed away, she visited my mother just to say goodbye.
June 23, 2010
no i don't believe in ghosts , and i don't believe what people says about such things , if you are alone in a dark scary place , any shadow , any leaf falling , or even any wind blow , can be like a ghost for you.
June 23, 2010
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