In the last few days I have been wondering about the impact of electric vehicles on the environment. Are Electric Cars really greener? They seem to be a great solution to fight climate change and they are even said to have zero emissions. But are they worth it? I'm wondering... Where do Electric Cars’ Batteries go to? Are they recycled in an eco-friendly way? Does the zero emissions really exist? Does the manufacturing of electric cars have zero emissions? Is this quest to use less fossil energy effective? Climate change is, quite simply, an existential threat for most life on the planet – including, and specially, the life of humankind, That change - from the loss of sea ice and the increase in sea levels to the occurrence of extreme events such as hurricanes we are destroying our planet. but will the little changes we make make make a difference? If not even 5% of the population pays attention to ecology, it is useless, we are like monkeys facing deforestation.. I'm wordering...
Nov 5, 2021 3:34 PM
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