Hello everyone, I wrote another short story with the new vocabulary I have learned today. Could anybody help me correct this text? An aged woman lives in a small cave. She always wears a dress, grey gloves, and a yellow scarf. It is vitally important for her to be well-dressed. Every day, she do the chores that included vacuuming the whole cave, mopping and sweeping the floor, and washing the dishes. She made an exception yesterday because she had a guest. Her old friend from Germany visited her. She got to know him way back in 1995. They studied together at the University of London. The purpose of his visit was to eat pizza together and to talk about old times. It gave the aged woman a thrill to talk about old times with her friend. She also wanted to prove to him that she is able to live in a cave. She baked a really delicious cake in order to impress him. They ate this cake together suddenly he said "I see, what it is about" "What do you mean?" she answered. "I made deductions from the fact that you baked such a delicious cake and you are really well-dressed" The aged lady is good at thinking on her feet so that she said "I don't know with any certainty what do you want to say but I can show you this" She went in the kitchen and came back with a huge pizza. It was his favorite with olives, garlic, tomatoes, and tofu. "I want to move out of the cave before long. Big changes are upon me" the aged woman said.
Nov 9, 2021 10:46 AM
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