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Take a picture of something and describe it
Take a picture of something unique and interesting. Then try to use as many words as you can to describe the picture. Native speakers and italki Teachers can then correct your writing mistakes.
Hello everyone . This is my daughter's birthday party , she was born in May 7th she is 10 y.o. she has got a lot of friends mostly girls . We were selebrating her party at the place that is called "panic" . The panic is a quest . There are some actors who scare you in terrible rooms . It was amazing in spite of the fact that I didn't go to the terrible rooms . They were crying a bit they left the rooms with fear in their eyes . But any way it was funny to see them . I can highly recommend everyone who is planning holiday or special occasions and don't know where to hang out. Your kids will be excited. But I should warm you about ages . Do not allow your kids go there if they over emotional children. I hope I helped you with choice where to selebrate. Even for older people they have some more scared events . Thank you for attention.
May 9, 2022
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