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Take a picture of something and describe it
Take a picture of something unique and interesting. Then try to use as many words as you can to describe the picture. Native speakers and italki Teachers can then correct your writing mistakes.
This picture has just been taken from the southern window of my office. The scene in the picture is what looks outside the window. You can see a road in the middle of the picture and it is called Yinghuai boulevard. Also, you can see a river right along the road, which is Zhongqing River. As you can see, along the road and the river, there are many green trees and lawns. On the left side of the road, there are several tall buildings. Apart from one building called Langyue Hotel, the rest are residential buildings belonging to Baolong City Square. Also, on the right side of the road, you can see several tall buildings, which are residential buildings called High-speed Time City. The location where the picture was taken can be counted as urban areas of Fuyang city, and basically it can represent the appearance of this city.
March 15, 2021
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