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Write about your favorite childhood memory
One of the best ways to improve your language ability is to practice writing in your target language. Native speakers and italki Teachers can then correct your writing mistakes.
I am going to talk about one of my birthdays. Four years ago, It was my first year working for a company. I knew lots of new friends from work. We were all green. We were working as an intern at the beginning, we worked together and helped each other, we so I would say we are more like university classmates than colleagues. Plus, we were single, so we hung out all the time going to the bar, buying clothing together. In 2018, my birthday is around July and I follow the western calendar, so after work, Four of us we went to the shopping mall and found a restaurant to have a big meal. They bought a cake for me and I brought some cocktails. We ordered a lot of food, while we ate dinner everyone chatted. We drank a lot. After the main course we brought out a cake that they bought and I made a wish. When we finished the dinner, we went to the bar and have another round drinking. We were really happy, Because it is not that easy to find such some good friends when you are working. For me, usually I celebrate my birthday with my parents or family, this was my first time that some of my friends got together to have it. Now. We went to the different company, But we have got a group chat on Wechat and we still keep in touch everyday to share our daily lives to tell our troubles. Sometimes we got a group voice call when someone meet the troubles or something confused.
April 8, 2022
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