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Use correct conditional to answer the questions
What will you buy if you have spare money at the end of the month? What would you do if you had more money?
In 1999, He Qingkui wrote a short play for Zhao Benshan. After reading the play, Zhao Benshan was worried about who was suitable for performing it. He thought that it was obviously not suitable for Gao Xiumin, so finally, he had to ask Song Dandan. Zhao Benshan called Song Dandan but he didn't directly tell her that he wanted to perform on the Spring Festival English Show with her. He just told her that there was a good script that was worth seeing. After all, Song Dandan's partner was Huanghong at that time. Back then, Song Dandan faced a dilemma: it was also the time after Song Dandan's divorce with Yingda. She had to raise her kids while working. It was a tough time for her. The negative effects from her divorce with Yingda are not small and her career was also in a tepid state. Although every year she perform on the Spring Festival Evening Show with Huanghong, it didn't have an ideal effect. She also needed some changes. After seeing the script, Song Danda was tempted. The script was so nice, and it would be a pity if missed the chance. After weighing the pros and cons, Song Danda agreed to go to the Spring Festival Evening Show with Zhao Benshan to perform Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow.. Nice script added excellent performer, it's difficult to perform badly. The cooperation of the two was really a hit and the program successfully won the first prize of language program that year, which also started the prelude of the two people's cooperation for many years. In 2006, during the performance of Xiao Cui Said things, Zhao Benshan made a serious mistake. He forgot his bag when he went up the stage. Fortunately, Song Dandan carefully found the mistake at the beginning when Zhao Benshan started to go up the stage. Song Dandan hurriedly winked at Zhao Benshan, because the props to be used in the sketch were in the bag, which was a book written by Song Dandan YueZi. Song Dandan quickly helped Zhao Benshan to block the camera, and Zhao Benshan took the bag at the
January 16, 2021
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