Who is your favorite character in movies / televisions?
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Well, I should say that there are lots of different characters which I like and it's even a little bit difficult for me to call to mind all if them. Among such heroes there are, e.g.,Cruella de Vil, Stiles Stilinski, Black Widow, etc. I fell in love with the first one right after the watching of the movie in the cinema. I was so impressed by the cast, plot, musical accompaniment, visual picture that I even went to this film for the second time. Cruella had been reborn in this story, the director managed to create a unique, glorious and perfect image of the popular Disney's villain. She is undeniably the smartest, most talented and gifted heroine which I have ever seen on the screen. Additionally, she has her own charm and charisma. Stiles is one of the leading males of the popular American series Teenwolf. When I was a teenager I watched it for the first time, and since than I can surely say that this ua one of my favorite series. Stiles is really good boy, he is kind, clever, too pretty and can find the way out of the very difficult situation. He has also good sense of humor and never lose his heart. As for the last one, I can't say that I'm a fan of the Marvel movies buy I really like Black Widow. She is strong in body and mind. And she is too beautiful and seductive.
August 21, 2021
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