Welche Ernährungsform ist besser? Vegetarisch oder nicht-vegetarisch?
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Becoming a vegetarian is a good choice for those people who are trying to make their bodies healthy against the temptations of meat and fat. Vegetarians believe that human being is naturally herbivore herbivorous and the habit of eating meat doesn't fit our original nature. Maybe the theory that we human can be solely fed on those foods collected from plants and avoiding eating food made from the dead bodies of animals can help up to lower the risk of developing disease like high blood pressure or high blood fat. But we see some vegetarians complaining that their bodies are geting faint after removing all kinds of meats from their diet. So it is not ignorable that we still neet to eat meat for some necessary nutritions like animal proteins and fat. Becoming a vegetarian can be negative for teenages because that need more nutritions for the growth.
November 22, 2021
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