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Dear Students, I'm on holidays. Do zobaczenia w lipcu!
From PolandLiving in Rome, Italy (05:28 UTC+02:00)
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italki teacher since Oct 21, 2021
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Have fun studying Polish and start speaking from the first lesson! ✔️ I've finished postgraduate studies Teaching Polish as a foreign language at the Pedagogical University in Krakow. ✔️ My master's Pedagogy. ✔️ I've been learning English and Italian ( CILS C1 Italian) ✔️I lived in San Francisco, now I live in Rome, Italy now. ✔️ I love nature, hiking 🌄 🥾🥾 As this is my full-time job and not a hobby, I follow Italki's 24 HOUR CANCELLATION POLICY: Please be aware, if you wish to cancel less than 24 hours before its scheduled start time, I won't be able to remove it from the Italki calendar. This means that the spot will remain unavailable for other students to book. Thank you!

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Start speaking! Polish for Beginners
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Let's chat! Conversation class
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Conversation Practice

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Polish with a book Polski Krok po kroku
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Kids and teenagers from 8 to 16 years old
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Group lesson for adults and kids
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102 Reviews

Student Sybille
22 Polish lessons
Teacher’s pick
To była moja pierwsza lekcja z Anką i jestem bardzo zadowolony, przygotowała kreatywną lekcję, która została dla mnie w pełni dostosowana. Nie mogę się doczekać dalszej współpracy z Anką. Dziękuję bardzo i do poniedziałku.
Nov 10, 2023
Student Lucas
41 Polish lessons
Teacher’s pick
I've had many lessons with Anka and I couldn't be happier with her! I needed fun and interactive lessons where I could improve my communication skills, and I can say that I feel now much more confident in my spoken Polish. She adapts to my interests and needs, and you can tell she puts effort into planning each lesson with questions and topics. She keeps things lively and interesting, which has me counting down to the next one. Dzięki Anka!
Aug 30, 2023
Student Midas Veraart
Midas Veraart
73 Polish lessons
Teacher’s pick
After having lessons from different teachers, I realised that the right teacher can make such a big difference in terms of progress, motivation, etc. Anka is definitely a brilliant teacher and I can't recommend her enough
Mar 30, 2023
Student Jenny Bochnak
Jenny Bochnak
11 Polish lessons
Anka - Dziękuję ci za wszystko!!!! Bardzo mi pomogłeś. Czuję się gotowy na Polskę! Nasze lekcje są zawsze przyjemne. DZIĘKUJĘ!
May 30, 2024
Student Kelsey
15 Polish lessons
A great lesson as always!! Anka gives practical tools and helpful exercises, examples, and explanations!
May 23, 2024
Student Andy Wilson
Andy Wilson
6 Polish lessons
My day at work had been difficult before the lesson so I was worn out and I was struggling to recall words that I usually know. So I thought I was doing badly, but Anka was very encouraging regardless! We had a productive lesson as usual. Anka is a great teacher overall but today really highlighted her great patience.
May 3, 2024
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