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italki teacher since Feb 10, 2022
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Hello! My name is Takeshi. I lived in Toronto for two years, and now I'm back in Japan! I also spent 9 months in the States. While I was in the States, I spent my time recording music in Chicago and studying English. I'm super passionate about music, movies, acting, creating content, and language. I'm also addicted to improving myself. I want to meet people who are serious about learning Japanese and whom I can share my vast knowledge with! I'm looking forward to meeting you!

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29 Reviews

Student Carolina
14 Japanese lessons
So we started we casual conversation, then we move to review some lingo with a video I've provided last class. Takeshi explained to me expressions and ways of saying or interpreting a phrase and we even talked about other languages and the origins of words. Takeshi is always open to answer my weird questions and I'm happy he takes it with humour and care. Thanks for your time as always =)
Apr 17, 2024
Student Carolina
14 Japanese lessons
For this class we review some words from material I found online, we had regular conversation (since I'm rusty) and corrected phrasings I misused. Takeshi also gave me some new words along with examples to further explain myself in a more natural way. We had fun catching up and we even review structures that are historical or poetic nowadays versus what is used casually in conversation. Had lots of fun as always, class is always easy going and Takeshi is super patient with me =)
Apr 9, 2024
Student Anthony Huntley
Anthony Huntley
25 Japanese lessons
I've been doing weekly lessons with Takeshi for about 5 months now and I'm super happy with how they've been going! He brings the same level of enthusiasm every lesson and always strikes the perfect balance between making things super fun and challenging my Japanese skills.
Mar 11, 2024
Student Oganesian Apkar
Oganesian Apkar
3 Japanese lessons
like the teaching style, looking forward to the next lesson :)
Feb 12, 2024
Student Anthony Huntley
Anthony Huntley
25 Japanese lessons
I've been doing weekly lessons with Takeshi for over 3 months now and they continue to be extremely fun and challenging! He's helped me make a lot of progress with things like the ins-and-outs of particle usage and useful slang/colloquial terms that you don't get from language apps.
Feb 9, 2024
Student Giovani Florido
Giovani Florido
5 Japanese lessons
Takeshi is amazing. He always keeps class interesting and fun. 💯💯💯
Feb 9, 2024
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