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Me llamo Gabriela, el español es mi idioma nativo y hablo fluidamente el inglés. ¡Estaría encantada de ayudarte a mejorar tu español! Disfruto mucho conocer y conversar con personas de otros países. Siempre es emocionante hablar sobre la cultura peruana porque es bastante diversa e intrigante. Si quieres conocer más sobre ello, me lo puedes decir en clase. My name is Gabriela, I'm a native Spanish speaker and I'm fluent in English. I'd be so glad to help you improve your Spanish! I enjoy meeting people from other countries and talking with them. It is always exciting to talk about Peruvian culture because it is diverse and intriguing, so if you want to know about it you can tell me in class.

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Learning Spanish/Aprendiendo español. Niveles A1-A2-B1-B2.
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Are you looking for a teacher who understands your needs, goals, and learning style? Is personable, professional, and pleasant? Has patience, polish, and perfect English? Then I enthusiastically recommend Gabriela as a Spanish (or English) teacher. She approaches each lesson with exuberance, fun, and a smile. Gabriela instantly makes you feel comfortable speaking Spanish from the very first lesson even if you have never studied the language. It's almost impossible to capture Gabriela's impressive abilities in 1000 characters or less. The importance, then, is to emphasize her capacity to put the "fun" in fundamentals. A terrible pun indeed, but the message remains true; Gabriela goes to great lengths to ensure you are engaged in the lesson without sacrificing its enjoyment. After completing a lesson, she will send you homework that re-enforces what was taught without being exceedingly difficult to the point where you get frustrated. To close, hire her immediately, you won't regret it.
Sep 8, 2022
43 Spanish lessons
Teacher’s pick
At the beginning of our lessons, I wrote "I'm confident that she is the tutor that will make my goals a reality." After 43 wonderful lessons, I have to say that she went above and beyond what I expected. An exceptional language teacher in every regard and one that deeply cares about her students. she took a personal interest in my advancement and made sure that no matter what I needed, she was there to help. In a matter of two months, my conversational capabilities skyrocketed. If at all you're iffy on who you should be choosing to speak with: stop looking now. Book with Gabriela and speak with her with full knowledge that there is no judgment on your capabilities. She has a special ability of making you feel as though you're speaking with an old friend, just as I said on day one as well. Thank you Gabriela! (P.S. If you book lessons with her, she's saving up to see snow for the first time. Help her save for a trip to North America and realize her dream!)
Jun 6, 2022
46 Spanish lessons
Teacher’s pick
It was my first lesson with Gabriela and I loved it! She is a great and patient teacher. I was feeling very comfortable even speaking my very-basic Spanish :D
Feb 28, 2022
5 Spanish lessons
thank u for being patience with my spanish speaking 🥹🥹
Dec 3, 2022
1 Spanish lesson
very good teacher
Dec 2, 2022
17 Spanish lessons
as always, a fun conversation with this teacher. she is always at hand to help me out when she can see I'm struggling to find a word for my sentence . 5 stars
Dec 1, 2022
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