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Bob Kessels

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Dutch teacher with 10+ years of teaching experience as a professional musician in Europe & the UK
From NetherlandsLiving in London, United Kingdom (21:10 UTC+02:00)
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italki teacher since Jun 26, 2023
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My name is Bob and I’m born and raised in the South of The Netherlands. Besides being an iTalki teacher, I’m a professional musician, after having graduated from my Bachelor of Music, at the Rock Academy in 2019. My professional life brought me to several countries and cultures. So it happened that, during my study, I got to live and work in Berlin & London, Europe’s two most vibrant music cities. After I started to tour intensively throughout the UK and northern Europe, with my London-based band The Gulls, my fascination for different cultures and languages started to evolve big time. I’m now very much looking forward to pass this fascination onto my students at iTalki and I can’t wait!

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Dutch speaking, understanding & listening for beginning students
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Dutch speaking, understanding, listening and reading for advanced students
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42 Reviews

Student Christian Pohlmann
Christian Pohlmann
5 Dutch lessons
I just had another great lesson with Bob. The conversation practice is always very valuable and we also did some exercises regarding Dutch articles which are a frequent source of mistakes.
Jul 21, 2024
Student Jasmine
4 Dutch lessons
Today we did some listening practice and I realized I have been slowly improving. Bob was patient and nice. Thanks
Jul 18, 2024
Student Christian Pohlmann
Christian Pohlmann
5 Dutch lessons
I greatly enjoy the lessons with Bob, as I get to practice my Dutch in a relaxing environment. Bob is a likeable person and I can heartily recommend him as Dutch teacher.
Jul 5, 2024
Student Jasmine
4 Dutch lessons
Bob tested my Dutch ability with several sentences even when I said I don’t know anything. He is not the type of teacher who teaches from the beginning to help pass class time. I appreciate that and I have built some confidence speaking Dutch with the limited vocabulary I possess
Jul 5, 2024
Student Marco Guglielmo
Marco Guglielmo
1 Dutch lesson
I just had my first Dutch lesson with Bob, and it was awesome! Bob is a great teacher who makes learning fun and easy. He's patient and really wants to help you improve. I would totally recommend Bob if you want to learn Dutch in a cool and relaxed way!
Jun 13, 2024
Student Sarah
5 Dutch lessons
This was my third lesson with Bob. He is a really encouraging teacher and got me practicing speaking Dutch straight away using exercises and by working on talking about things I am interested in. Looking forwards to more lessons to keep improving my Dutch
Jun 12, 2024
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