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Swahili is my second language– Fulbright Scholar & Linguist with 10 years of teaching experience.
From United StatesLiving in Kigoma, United Republic of Tanzania (08:16 UTC+03:00)
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Swahili is my second language through complete immersion after living in Tanzania for many years. I'm an anthropologist with a love for language and culture. I became completely fluent in Swahili within 1 year, which allowed me to conduct my qualitative research in Swahili, craft my Masters thesis, and finish my postgraduate studies at the University of Dar es Salaam. I used a self-taught approach to Swahili, using the most recommended resources. But what truly gave me my Swahili is the lasting friendships I've cultivated and the daily conversations I share with native speakers from Tanzania and the Democratic Republic of Congo. Let's explore the connection between language and culture!

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Swahili Greetings– Introductions and Phrases for Beginners, Visitors & Travelers
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Foundations of Kiswahili– The Fundamentals Customized For You & Introduction to Grammar & Conversation
A2 -  B1


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Conversational Kiswahili– Improve more complicated Grammar, Verb Tenses and Vocabulary through Discussions
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7 Reviews

4 Swahili lessons
Teacher’s pick
You Swahili-learning folks better buy a package from Tina before she decides to raise her prices lol she's so good at what she does, that even if she charges 3x more, I'd still choose her. Asante, Tina!!
Dec 4, 2023
edward siu
2 Swahili lessons
Teacher’s pick
I'm English and am completely new to Swahili. Dr Tina makes learning fun and explains in such a way even a thicko like me can understand. I look forward to many more lessons with her.
Dec 3, 2023
11 Swahili lessons
Teacher’s pick
Tina is a great teacher/tutor. She has an incredible understanding of Swahilli and for native English speakers, she can unlock the language by providing them with the right materials and conversations to help the student quickly focus on learning th things that drives fluency. Tina is a great resource to build towards my first goal which is to achive fluency. For those considering getting help in the language journey, I would highly recommend Tina.
Nov 6, 2023
4 Swahili lessons
Asante sana, Tina, for another great lesson! Learned a lot from you. I'm looking forward to our next lesson!
Nov 27, 2023
4 Swahili lessons
Tina knows what she's doing. If you need an effective , knowledgeable teacher in Kiswahili, she is exactly what you're looking for. She may be new to italki but after our trial lesson, I am beyond ecstatic and relieved that I gave her a chance. I even bought a package right after the class 🤣 Asante, Tina!
Nov 22, 2023
1 Swahili lesson
What a delightful first class! I was so happy to be able to chat in Kiswahili with Christina. She is a lovely person and went out of her way to speak slowly with me and use simpler words to explain things. It is also inspiring and motivating for me to learn from someone who also started out as a learner and has now reached a C2/native speaker level. It is something for me to aim for in several years! Asante sana kwa darasa letu, Tina, nimefurahi sana kuzungumza nawe kwa Kiswahili!
Nov 13, 2023
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