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日本語ゼロでも大丈夫! 一緒に勉強しましょう。Don' t worry even if you are a biginner.
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I live in Hokkaido, the north of Japan. I studied Japanese education at University to be a Japanese teacher when I was over 50years old. I passed examination for Japanese teachers. I have a positive personality and take immediate action.  I study Korean Language because I like Korean drama and K-pop, and I will go to South Korea to study Korean language in future.  Recently I'm interested in camping. I went solo camping and enjoy it last year. I will go camping with my daughter around Hokkaido this summer.  私は日本の北海道に住んでいます。  私は日本語の先生になるために、50歳過ぎてから大学に通って勉強しました。 日本語教育能力検定にも合格しました。 積極的な性格ですぐに行動に移すタイプです。

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86 Reviews

Student lorrainek
49 Japanese lessons
Teacher’s pick
I am having so much fun learning with Emi sensei! It truly makes my day brighter. Emi sensei has an amazing sense of figuring out where a person is at in their learning process and zooms in to a sweet spot where you are challenged but not overwhelmed. For the longest time I was afraid to learn with a sensei because I didn't feel confident in my own learning ability - but Emi sensei's excellent tutoring makes the hour pass so quickly like learning and laughing with a friend. Wish I started earlier!
Jan 9, 2024
Student Michaela S.
Michaela S.
25 Japanese lessons
Teacher’s pick
Emi-san is teaching very effectively and never forgets to smile, encourage and personally engage. I am looking forward to our next lessons.
Oct 18, 2023
Student フランク
69 Japanese lessons
Teacher’s pick
Sep 30, 2023
Student Nikki
11 Japanese lessons
Another great lesson with Emi San! I really enjoy her teaching methods. She reviews vocabulary, hiragana, and goes over grammar that I learned in the previous class. I look forward to our next lesson together!
Jul 17, 2024
Student Jess
5 Japanese lessons
I’ve been taken several lessons with Emi sensee and would highly recommend her to other students! Emi san is a very nice lady, she is super punctual, patient and passionate about what she is doing. She structured the lesson very well and the PowerPoint slides are very well written. Each time we start with a quick revision on what we have learnt last time and then move onto the content including vocabulary (with funny pictures), audios, grammar, alphabet, etc. The lessons are interesting and super efficient, I did progress a lot within just few hours. Thank you Emi sensee!
Jul 16, 2024
Student Michaela S.
Michaela S.
25 Japanese lessons
Thank you for today’s lesson. It was exactly what I needed. Emi-san recognizes my weaknesses and prepares a fitting lesson!
Jul 11, 2024
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