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I am Josephine, a 26year old girl from Belgium. I lived in Central-America for a while (Guatemala) but am making my way through Europe at the moment. I always liked languages, especialy because I could use them while traveling. When I was still living in Belgium, I was helping refugees to improve their Dutch. Now I want to help you, to improve your Dutch and inject you with the magic of enjoying the learning process of learning a new language!

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11 Reviews

Student Elif
5 Dutch lessons
Teacher’s pick
During my second session with Josephine, we delved into the topic of cultural differences, which proved to be particularly enlightening for me. Following our discussion, she furnished me with a set of relevant vocabulary. I found Josephine to be both engaging and affable in her approach.
Dec 22, 2023
Student Barbara Baumgartner
Barbara Baumgartner
1 Dutch lesson
Teacher’s pick
The class was the perfect mix of asking questions and telling me something! Many teachers talk all the time or never now what to ask! Here this was not the case! Really nice class! 5 Stars!
May 18, 2022
Student Beatrice
1 Dutch lesson
Teacher’s pick
I really enjoyed the lesson! Josephine is prepared and very nice. Bedankt
May 11, 2022
Student Marek Nosek
Marek Nosek
18 Dutch lessons
I am delighted to share my positive feedback on Italki about your Dutch lessons. Working with you has been a fantastic experience. Your teaching style is super effective, and your enthusiasm for the subject is truly contagious. You are not only a highly skilled teacher but also an incredibly warm and friendly person. Your pleasant and cheerful demeanor makes each lesson enjoyable, and your patience has been invaluable as I navigate the complexities of learning a new language. Thank you for being so supportive and understanding throughout our lessons. Your commitment to helping your students succeed is evident, and it makes the learning process both engaging and rewarding. I am grateful to have you as my Dutch teacher, and I look forward to continuing our language journey together.
Jan 26, 2024
Student Rachelle Ngayam
Rachelle Ngayam
10 Dutch lessons
Altijd een plezier met je te spreken. Dank je wel. Dankzij je, ben ik ieder keer meer gemotiveerd om mijn Nederlands te verbeteren. Tot de volgende keer !
Jan 11, 2024
Student Hadji
13 Dutch lessons
> was the teacher suitably dressed for class? Do you mean you have teachers who don’t dress for the class? Share links to their pages with me!
Dec 22, 2023
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