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Romy Aardse

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Dutch native with passion for teaching :)
From NetherlandsLiving in Leiden, Netherlands (20:14 UTC+01:00)
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italki teacher since Jun 8, 2022
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Hello! My name is Romy, I'm 32 years old, neurobiologist, yoga teacher and a passionate surfer. For the past few years I have been living between The Netherlands, Sri Lanka and Portugal. Here I work as a yoga teacher and I love to surf a lot. Also, I have a Masters degree in Neurobiology. Everything that concerns nature, science or the human body fascinates me. Especially topics about our brain! With years of experience working in a Neuroscience lab you can ask me anything about neurons or I might share some fun facts about our brain. Lijkt jou dit ook interessant? Ik hoop het. Dan kunnen wij hier mooie gesprekken over voeren. If you got this last part you are on the right track!

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21 Reviews

Student KonstantinosGougakis
5 Dutch lessons
I have been enjoying very much my lessons with Romy, I highly recommend her as a teacher.
Mar 7, 2024
Student Nora Banfi
Nora Banfi
1 Dutch lesson
I had a great first lesson with Romy. She explains material well and is patient and knows what you need to practice and gives good examples. I look forward to book more lessons with her.
Nov 20, 2023
Student Ece Altinoz
Ece Altinoz
1 Dutch lesson
Dit was mijn eerste les met Romy. Zij is heel positief. Bedankt voor het leuke gesprek!
Sep 15, 2022
Student Alejandro León
Alejandro León
2 Dutch lessons
This is not so much about the teacher, BUT it is hard to judge in one 30 mins lesson, I have booked a 45 mins lesson to have a better idea, but i do like ger approach and energy so i will book another lesson and then i will know if i want to continue the process with her or not. thanks!
Sep 14, 2022
Student Machiko Yoshimatsu
Machiko Yoshimatsu
10 Dutch lessons
Het is weer andere mooie les met haar!!super
Aug 19, 2022
Student Tia
1 Dutch lesson
Romy is a decided teacher who has a lot to share with you. It is nice to know such a knowledgeable and spiritual person at the same time. Thanks for adapting the lesson for my needs!
Aug 17, 2022
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