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I'm a native Dutch speaker, that also speaks English and is studying Japanese. At the moment am I a software developer student. I'm interested in Anime, reading, cooking, coding and learning about new cultures. Please tell me more about your culture :). I have lived my whole life in the Netherlands, but in the future I would love to travel the world! (I do not teach children, sorry)

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42 Dutch lessons
Teacher’s pick
I had about 20 lessons (2,5 months of active studying) with Elisa before actually going to the Netherlands. After that, I could actually survive, and also talk to people from the hostels and to my Dutch-speaking friends. It's an amazing feeling and I got the biggest compliments from people for my Dutch after such a short period of learning it. I really like how the lessons are structured and that you can always come back to the previous topics and vocabulary from the lessons. Even though many topics seem confusing to me, Elisa takes time to go through them at a good pace and structures following lessons, according to the topics that make it difficult for me to speak at the moment. Dankjewel, en ik hoop dat mijn Nederlands steeds beter zal worden! :)
May 8, 2023
Ira Zhidkova
12 Dutch lessons
Teacher’s pick
I enjoy Elisa's lessons so much! Elisa prepares them in advance and customizes them, she is also very patient to explain everything until you really understand
Jan 24, 2023
Emily Barker
25 Dutch lessons
Teacher’s pick
I recommend Elisa's lessons. I am someone who understands most spoken Dutch but needs more practice speaking myself, and Elisa has been great about giving me the opportunity to speak in a way that feels like a natural and fun conversation and helping me rephrase things when I'm not sure the correct way to say something. I look forward to my lessons with her every week.
Sep 10, 2022
3 Dutch lessons
I am delighted to have found Elisa. She give stuctured, lively courses:) Having to surpass yourself is omnipresent. I remain confident that I will master the nederlands in a few months, I hope so.
Oct 2, 2023
Mauro Faria
1 Dutch lesson
Very patient teacher and well prepared for the lesson. Thanks Elisa!
Jul 23, 2023
2 Dutch lessons
Elisa was super patient and I enjoyed our conversations! She spoke slowly so I could understand what she was saying. Dankjewel!
Jul 19, 2023
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