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Licensed experienced teacher, loving grammar, training for exams, patient and.. fun ! 💕
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Born in Delft and now teaching for over 35 years as a qualified teacher in different languages: Dutch, French and German. Also studied Italian and some basic Arab. In the 90’s we lived abroad: in this way I realize how someone could experience the first year in another country. It is a real privilege and pleasure meeting so many kind and interesting people from very different cultures: geo-physicians, north pole captains, mathematicians, managers, tenure trackers at the technical university, strategicians, controllers, translators-interpreters, .. Besides, in my former life I was sommelier and gave many workshops about wine (combined with food). This might be an interesting theme!

Dutch Lessons

Trial Lesson
44 lessons completed
USD 31.00+
Algemeen Nederlands en examentraining
A1 -  C2


246 lessons completed
USD 31.00+
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extra grammatica lessen voor B2 examen: theorie en oefeningen
B1 -  B2

Test Preparation

15 lessons completed
USD 31.00+
Package with 3% off
extra training for Inburgering Examen A2 (still) / civic exam
A1 -  A2

Test Preparation

4 lessons completed
USD 31.00+
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Van A2 naar B1 privé-lessen
A2 -  B1

Conversation Practice

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13 Reviews

Student Kimberly
4 Dutch lessons
Teacher’s pick
I had my trial lesson with Lotty today and I am already excited for the next class! Lotty is a very patient and friendly teacher which creates a secure atmosphere for learning a language. She guides the lessons in a way in which you feel confident in speaking a new language. The lesson was very individualized and set according my personal goals. I would definetly recommend Lotty!
Jan 12, 2024
Student EM Csiki
EM Csiki
1 Dutch lesson
Teacher’s pick
Lotty neemt de tijd om uitleg te geven. Zij bouwt haar uitleg op verschillende manieren uit. Je krijgt de kans om je vragen te stellen totdat je het goed begrijpt. Ik kijk er uit naar de volgende les.
Dec 26, 2023
Student KoonsGerry
12 Dutch lessons
Teacher’s pick
I can't imagine a better teacher than Lotty. I have truly felt that she is just as invested in my learning goals as I am. She is very knowledgeable and experienced, while also being wonderfully personable and genuinely encouraging. Especially for anyone dedicated to mastering the language for professional or integration purposes, you will learn the best and enjoy the most from working with this gifted teacher!
Dec 20, 2023
Student Amparo Casas Ramos
Amparo Casas Ramos
6 Dutch lessons
I am very happy to have found Lotty to help me prepare for my C1 Dutch exam, especially the oral part. I have been living in Belgium for 14 years now and my knowledge of Dutch is quite good, but I make systematic mistakes. Lotty helps me to detect the mistakes and correct them. We go over specific grammar that is not 100% clear to me, and we do speaking exercises. What I like about Lotty is that she has a lot of knowledge and experience and adapts very well to my specific needs. She goes out of her way to help me, and she is also very friendly.
Apr 29, 2024
Student James
15 Dutch lessons
Lotty continues to strengthen my language capabilities in preparation for the CNaVT A2 exam that she encouraged me to commit to taking. Not only do I look forward to (and go to sleep early in excitement for our early morning class) to practice new Dutch language phrases and sentence structures but also appreciate her limitless patience as I such as I stumble around the infamous "sch" sound. Her friendly personality creates a relaxed learning environment which allows increased engagement and ultimately more confident verbal skills.
Apr 22, 2024
Student Ryan
4 Dutch lessons
Prior to starting Dutch these lessons I had been informally learning the language and had a very patchwork and irregular knowledge of Dutch. I was afraid that starting proper lessons would have me starting from the very beginning on a basic course. However I was pleasantly surprised that within just one lesson Lotty quickly identified my ability, my areas of strengths and weaknesses, and was able to give me the right level of challenge. We spent the majority of my second lesson speaking in Dutch with the perfect mix of both hard and easy vocabulary for my level. I think it's clear that Lotty must be very experienced and very attentive to be able to quickly work out my ability, so I would definitely recommend her to others!
Mar 4, 2024
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